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Umair – Software Engineer

“We were searching for an imported car from the last couple of months until we found Autozxpress. Those were very frustrating months as we visited showrooms in almost all major parts of Lahore but were unable to find a vehicle with genuine auction sheet. Most dealers were selling accidental cars with fake or tempered auction sheets and it was really hard to believe anyone. A couple of dealers who had genuine auction sheets were asking for a lot of money for their cars. At Autozxpress, they presented us the auction sheet which we verified and found to be genuine. The deal went very smooth with Bilal who’s a very nice guy. We were so satisfied with the purchase that we bought another car from them in the same week. I wish them all the best for their business. Keep it up with your clear, fair and most importantly, honest dealing!”


“Buying an Imported Japanese car has always been a very hectic task as all car dealers have their own stories regarding the auction sheets and actual mileage of the car. The only verification available is the auction sheet and dealers either say it’s not available or temper with them. Being very skeptical I visited around 6 showrooms to buy a Vitz. At last I bought Silver 2011 Vitz from Autoz Xpress Main Ferozpur Road. The person at Autoz Xpress was very helpful in giving me sincere advice as to what model or make I should buy according to my requirement and budget. Fully trusting them I bought this Car and MashaALLAH it turned out to be a perfect decision. I am more than satisfied with my Car’s Performance and I even got the auction sheet inspected from my source and facts stated about the car were absolutely correct and there was no misleading information. I STRONGLY recommend AUTOZ XPRESS for Imported Cars as they are one of the few whom you can Trust. “

Ahmad Azar- Banker at MCB

“The biggest source of concern for anyone planning on buying a Japanese car is…Are you getting what the dealer is telling you or are you in for a ride? I know many people who will buy new and expensive local car but they will never buy much better used Japanese car because of bad experience of other people. I was lucky to run in Bilal and his team at Autoz Xpress when I was finalizing my decision of purchasing a Prius and Masha`Allah I am very happy and content with my purchase. Before finalizing the car, Bilal insisted that I check the auction sheet online, demonstrated the issues highlighted in the auction sheet and also asked me to drive the car. This is something that NONE of the dealers would do before selling the car. Things don’t stop here, their after sales service is more amazing then their pre-sale. Yasir leads the workshop and would arrange for everything from registration to upholstery to accessories. The best thing about this team is that they are HONEST in their dealing. I have the highest regards for them and hope their business flourishes even more. Our country needs honest business men like Bilal and Yasir. Good Luck guys. “

Farooq Khalid- IT Professional

“I was afraid of buying a car from local showroom as I heard damaged cars are imported from Japan and then repaired in Pakistan and sold at a higher price. Also meters are reversed to show lower mileage, spec sheets are also modified and things like that. But I had a really good experience with AutozXpress, right from the very start till the delivery of my car, they are so helpful in every way. I love the drive of my MOVE and the unbelievable milage that it gives. I would recommend for every one who wants to go for an imported car, give it a try with AutozXpress and you won’t regret. I also take my Liana for repair and oil change to their workshop and their services are excellent and i can depend on them.”

Dr. Fakhar-ul-Islam

“Buying an authentic Japanese car in Pakistan is a challenging job due to fraud and corruption in our system. One can hardly buy an unrepaired car with its original auction sheet. Ever since AutozXpress came into the equation, buying Japanese cars has become so easy. I bought a white Toyota Prius in January from AutozXpress and since that day, I have no issues with the car. I am really happy with the service AutozXpress provides. It is the ultimate place to buy a car. Autozxpress truly provides the services they claim. Feel free to use the services of this great E-showroom”


“My car is great! Am enjoying the ride! It was a good choice! You will definitely get customers…some of my friends are thinking of importing cars. Yes I am happy and truly grateful to you people for getting me a good car. It has been great doing business with you. I will definitely recommend you to my buddies!”


“These Guys are very helpful. The helped me find the exact car I was looking for at a good price. Their assistance after the sale was also strong. They helped with all of the services. I recommend this service highly to anyone who might be interested in buy a great quality used and preowned cars.”


“I would like to express my gratitude for such a great car buying experience. Every promise was kept and the whole team went above and beyond my expectations. I love the car”

Ahmad Waqas Akhtar

“Amazing service. Received the auction sheet and that made my deal.
Good Job Autozxpres. ”

Adeel Zahid

“Honest , straight forward and hassle free dealing. Ideal for people who value such qualities.
Job well done!”

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Autozxpress Satisfied Customers

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we have many satisfied customers.List of some is mentioned below:


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